Harmonic Dampers Tech

Harmonic Dampers- Technical Information
Spacers & Counterweights
0.35"thick Spacer for SB FordN/A810060.2810060.2
0.95" thick Spacer for SB FordN/A810070.5381007
Spacer for 426 Hemi (Use w/80013 or 90013)N/A810130.56810130.56
C'weight for SB Chevy 400N/A910030.791003
C'weight for BB Chevy 454/502N/A910050.9591005
C'weight for early SB Ford (28.4 oz. in.)N/A910061.2910061.2
C'weight for late SB Ford (50 oz. in.)N/A910071.891007
Ford Damper Pilot AdapterN/A910110.0391011
C'weight for '71-'92 360 SB ChryslerN/A910121.15910121.15
C'weight for '93-'97 360 SB ChryslerN/A910130.6791013
C'weight for '72-'73 340 SB ChryslerN/A910140.23910140.23
C'weight for BB ChryslerN/A910150.69910150.69
C'weight for BB ChryslerN/A910160.2991016
C'weight for Olds V8N/A910221.1291022
C'weight for 360 AMC V8N/A911011.0691101
C'weight for 304 AMC V8N/A911020.8991102
C'weight for 401 AMC V8N/A911031.5291103
SB Ford Spacer Information- Our SB Ford Dampers are all made to the 1963-'69 length. This allows the use of both early and late style dampers in early chassis. All of our SB Ford dampers also have both the three and four bolt pulley patterns. They also have three sets of timing marks to suit all SB engines. If your stock damper is longer than three inches, we make up the difference with a series of spacers. To determine which spacer you need, measure the length of your damper (see drawing above) and refer to the chart to see which spacer you need. Our standard spacers are made of aluminum and are very inexpensive. If you have a 5.0L engine running a belt driven blower, we recommend that you use our 81009 Steel Spacer instead of the 81007 aluminum one.

About Our Bolt-In Counterweights - Bolt-in counterweights are a major plus feature in all of our externally balanced dampers. For example, if you purchased one of our externally balanced dampers and during your engine build procedure, you decide you want to switch to a neutral balance assembly, you don't need to buy a new damper. You simply unbolt the counterweight and you are good to go. Some of our competitors who lack this feature have made claims in some of their literature that bolt-in counterweights are a bad thing because they can "come loose" or "fall out" and "do serious damage." We have sold thousands and thousands of dampers with bolt-in counterweights, and we have never heard of one single instance where a counterweight has come loose or fallen out. It just doesn't happen. So if you have any concerns about this, you can forget about them.

Additionally, professional balance shops really like this feature because if they need to modify the counterbalance weight for any reason, it is much easier to do this with a removable counterweight than to try to remove weight from the damper itself. We also offer all of our counterweights separately because, for example, some customers might want to switch between a 28 ounce inch weight and a 50 ounce inch weight on a small block Ford.