Harmonic Dampers

Harmonic Dampers for Street and Racing.
High Performance Street Models & SFI-Spec Racing Dampers
Professional Products line of dampers offer features not found with most other dampers. For example, Professional Products small block Ford dampers are made to the early short length so that '87 and later engines (with the 50 in. oz. damper) can be used in early chassis or street rods. They offer a line of very inexpensive spacers to adapt the short damper to later vehicles and provide the correct accessory belt alignment. Additionally their small block Ford dampers have both the three and four bolt pulley patterns on them as well as three sets of clear, easy to read white timing marks. The small block and big block Chrysler dampers both come with extra bolt-in counterweights that provide fitment to limited production vehicles that other damper manufacturers have chosen to completely ignore.

Two styles of Professional Products Harmonic Dampers are available; the Powerforce high performance street damper and the Powerforce+Plus SFI specification race damper. For details on the differences between these dampers, see below.

Here is a downloadable PDF  Harmonic Damper Instruction booklet These instructions apply to all  80000 and 90000 Series dampers. Please note that you will need the Adobe Reader to view this file. If you do not have the Adobe Reader, it can be downloaded here at the Adobe website.