Powerjection III EFI Kits


Choose one of these four Powerjection III Kits:
PP-70026Return Style Complete Powerjection III Satin$1,699.95
PP-70027Return Style Complete Powerjection III Polished$1,799.95
PP-70028Returnless Complete Powerjection III Satin$2,054.95
PP-70029Returnless Complete Powerjection III Polished$2,209.95

PP-70020Return Style Basic Powerjection III Satin$1,570.95
PP-70021Return Style Basic Powerjection III Polished$1,624.95

*The Basic Kit is the same as the Complete Kit but does not include the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, or fuel filter. The Basic Kits are intended for those customers who want to utilize their own fuel delivery components. The Basic Kits can be configured as Returnless with the addition of the PP-70035 FuelOnDemand Kit. A fuel pressure regulator is not required when the PP-70035 FuelOnDemand Kit is utilized. 

Fuel Line Kits for both Return Style or Returnless Style installations are available. See the EFI Accessories section of this website.

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