This unique new design features a larger plenum volume than stock or aftermarket manifolds, somewhat similar to the 2006 ZO6 manifold. This larger volume is particularly suited to big inch engines but extensive dyno testing on a stock LS1 also shows substantial gains, especially in the mid-rpm ranges. Tested primarily against a leading aluminum aftermarket manifold that is similar in design to the LS6, the Professional Products intake showed equal power on the top end with an additional 12 to 15 hp in the 3,000 to 4,000 rpm range. It was also tested against a factory LS6 and produced an additional 17.7 hp at 6,200 rpm on an engine dyno.

The manifold is available in three different configurations with each of the three offered in either a polished or satin finish. The first configuration is designed for the LS1 and LS6 engine. It features an 85mm inlet opening and uses LS1 style throttle bodies. The second configuration is for LS2 engines and features a 96mm inlet opening and uses LS2 style throttle bodies. The third style fits LS1/LS6 engines and has the 96mm inlet opening. This manifold requires an LS2 style throttle body but the fuel rails and manifold are designed for LS1 style injectors which are different from LS2 injectors and use different electrical connectors. This third manifold requires the use of LS1/LS6 style injectors and the matching wiring harness.

All three versions of the manifold come with custom fuel rails, a stainless braided -6AN crossover hose, an inlet fitting that connects to the stock fuel line, stainless steel fuel rail mounting brackets, and all stainless attaching hardware. Note that early (1997-'98) LS1's that had a fuel pressure regulator mounted on the fuel rails will require our optional #52160 regulator kit which includes a 25 to 75 PSI EFI adjustable regulator and additional fittings to incorporate the regulator into your fuel system. All three styles of the manifold also include nitrous bosses suitable for drilling and tapping for nitrous nozzles. Note that there is only space for a single tapped hole per port.

52060  TYPHOON™ LS1/LS6 85mm Inlet- Polished  $615.95
52061  TYPHOON™ LS1/LS6 85mm Inlet- Satin  $487.95
52064  TYPHOON™ LS1/LS6 96mm Inlet- Polished  $615.95
52065  TYPHOON™ LS1/LS6 96mm Inlet- Satin  $487.95
52062  TYPHOON™ LS2 96mm Inlet- Polished  $766.95
52063  TYPHOON™ LS2 96mm Inlet- Satin  $587.95

All LS(X) Manifolds include a complete Fuel Rail Kit.

LSX Fuel Injector Information

General Motors uses several different types of injectors on various LSX engines. Here is a guide which provides visual differences along with F.A.S.T. part numbers for higher volume injectors required for higher horsepower engines.With respect to Professional Products LSX manifolds and fuel rail kits, note that the LS1 injector is taller than the LS2 and although not readily visible in the photo, the lower diameter where it plugs into the manifold is larger on the LS2 than on the LS1. Also the harness on an LS1 equipped vehicle will not connect to LS2 injectors. So if you are swapping parts around, you need to be aware of these differences. We do not currently make any induction parts for the LS7, L76 or L92 which uses a totally different injector but we are including it here for info purposes only. We currently do not have LS3 data but it is believed to be the same as LS2.

LS1/LS6 Type

LS2 Type

LS7/L76/L92 Type


24/27 lb/hr

#30332-133 lb/hr#30397-139 lb/hr

35/41 lb/hr

#30462-146 lb/hr#30507-150 lb/hr
#304200-142/48 lb/hr#30572-157 lb/hr#30657-165 lb/hr
#306000-160/69 lb/hr
@ 43.5/58psi@ 58psi@ 58psi