Note: Both the manifold line and the damper line have General Instruction booklets that apply to almost all manifold or damper installations. However, some of the more complex products have supplemental instruction sheets. If your product is one of these, you need to download both the general instructions as well as the supplemental instructions.

Fuel Injection System & Component Instructions

Powerjection III EFI System Instructions (20) pages
Powerjection III EFI System Quick Install Guide (2) pages
FuelOnDemand Instructions(8) Pages

Fuel Pump Instructions

10700/10701 Electronic Fuel Pump

Fuel Rail Instructions

PP-10600 5.0 Mustang Basic Fuel Rail Kit (2 pgs)
PP-10602/PP-10604 4.6L Mustang Basic Kit (1 pg)
PP-10620 Acura/Honda Fuel Rail Kit (1 pg)
PP-10601 5.0 L Mustang Complete Fuel Rail Kit (2 pgs)
PP-10603 4.6L Mustang Complete Fuel Rail Kit (2 pgs)
PP-10605 4.6L Mustang Complete Fuel Rail Kit (2 pgs)
PP-10607 351W Ford Complete Fuel Rail Kit (2 pgs)
PP-10611 Early LS1 Complete Fuel Rail Kit (2 pgs)
PP-10612 Late LS1 Complete Fuel Rail Kit (2 pgs)
PP-10614 LS2 Complete Fuel Rail Kit (2 pgs)
PP-10625 325-455 Pontiac V8 Complete Fuel Rail Kit (2pgs)
PP-10626 Big Block Chevy V8 Complete Fuel Rail Kit (2pgs)

Fuel Filter Instructions

PP-10100 and 10102 Instructions (1 pg)

Fuel Pressure Regulator Instructions

General Regulator Instructions Part 1 (1 pg)
General Regulator Instructions Part 2 (1 pg)

Fuel System Components

PP-10400/PP-10401/PP-10402/PP-10403 Fuel Inlet Kits (1 pg)

Manifold Instructions

General Manifold Instruction Booklet (8 pgs)*
PP-59000/PP-59001 Acura/Honda Type R (1 pg)
PP-54060/PP-54061 Instructions (4 pgs)
PP-52060/PP-52061/PP-52062/PP-52063/PP-52064/PP-52065 Instructions
PP-59002/PP-59003 Acura GSR (2 pgs)

* Applies to all manifolds except LS1/LS2, 4.6L Ford and Acura

Supplemental Manifold Instructions (Also download general instructions)

PP-54020/PP-54021 5.0L Mustang EFI (2 pgs)
PP-54022/54023/54032/54033/54034/54035/54126/54127 351WFord(1 pg)
PP-55025/PP-55026 Small Block Chrysler (2 pgs)
PP-56025/56026/56027/56028/56030/56031 Pontiac (1 pg)

Upper Plenum & Elbows

PP-54154 and PP-54155 for Ford 4.6L 2V
PP-54150 and PP-54151 for Ford 5.0L

Damper Instructions

General Damper Instruction Booklet (4 pgs)

Supplemental Damper Instructions (Also download general instructions)

PP-80009/PP-90009 FE Ford (1 pg)
PP-80030/PP-90030 LT1 G.M. (1 pg)
PP-80032/PP-80033/PP-90032/PP-90033 LS1 G.M. (1 pg)
PP-80051/PP-80052/PP-80053/PP-90050 Honda/Acura Dampers (1 pg)

Some products are supplied with the instructions printed directly on the package. Those instructions are not included in the above list.