FiTech Fuel Injection Throttle Body Systems

Performance Injection now offers the complete line of FiTech EFI Systems. The newest line of EFI throttle body systems is not only the lowest cost available, but also offers all the features and more that are found on systems costing additional thousands. FiTech Throttle Body EFI Kits cover engines from a maximum of 400 HP all the way up to 1200 HP. Available in 4- or 8-injector configurations and in single or 2x4 kits plus port injection systems with manifolds and fuel rails. These are the newest EFI systems that are taking over the EFI market by storm!

FFI-30001FiTech Fuel Injection Go EFI 4- 600 HP System (Bright Aluminum)$995.00
FFI-30002FiTech Fuel Injection Go EFI 4- 600 HP  System (Matte Black)$995.00
FFI-30004FiTech Fuel Injection Go EFI  4  Power Adder  600 HP

FFI-30008FiTech Fuel Injection Meanstreet EFI- 800HP System

FFI-30012FiTech Fuel Injection Go  EFI 8- 1200 HP  System

FFI-30061FiTech Fuel Injection Go EFI 2x4  625 HP  Dual Quad (Bright Aluminum)$1,795.00
FFI-30062FiTech Fuel Injection Go EFI 2x4  625 HP  Dual Quad (Matte Black)$1,795.00
FFI-30064FiTech Fuel Injection Go EFI 2 x4   1200 HP Power Adder System (Matte Black)$1,995.00
FFI-40003FiTech Fuel Injection Go EFI System Fuel Command Center$395.00
FFI-40005FiTech Fuel Injection Go EFI System Inline Frame Mount Fuel Delivery Kit$245.00
FFI-40101FiTech Fuel Injection 255 L/H Inline Frame Mount EFI Fuel Pump$95.00
FFI-60011FiTech Fuel Injection Throttle Return Spring Kit

FFI-60012FiTech Fuel Injection Oxygen Sensor Bung Kit

FFI-80115FiTech Fuel Injection Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-100 PSI

FFI-80116FiTech Fuel Injection Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-15 PSI

FFI-60001FiTech Fuel Injection Gasket Kit 3 Pack$6.00


FiTech Go EFI Features:

Go EFI Systems from FiTech are the most advanced, yet lowest cost,  EFI systems available. From our outstanding throttle body systems to our super competitive port systems along with a number of other supporting components, the lineup of FiTech EFI products are truly state of the art in the fast moving world of electronic fuel injection.   The Go EFI System offers features either not found in competitive

EFI systems or if they are, you will pay hundreds if not thousands more to have them. With the FiTech EFI Systems you not only get the very latest in EFI technology but you get the most affordable full featured systems available. You can pay more, but you won't be getting anything that's better than

 FiTech. Look at this extensive lineup of features:
  • The fastest, most accurate Self Learning available.
  • Timing Control without need for CDI box. Use any 2-wire distributor. Control all timing digitally.
  • Wet Flow Annular Discharge. (See video on website)
  • Both 4-Injector and 8-Injector systems are offered.
  • Power Adder versions for supercharging, turbocharging or wet nitrous systems.
  • Throttle Body systems fit all 4-bbl manifolds.
  • Throttle body mounted ECU (computer) eliminates unnecessary wiring for a clean installation.
  • Built-in fuel pressure regulator and MAP sensor.
  • Bosch wide-band O2 sensor.
  • Polished stainless steel throttle linkage.
  • Fan control (up to two fans on Power Adder units).
  • Multiple fuel inlet ports (3) on throttle body.
  • Handheld Controller with color touch screen. Also can be operated with toggle knob. Includes an 8-gig SD card.
  • Voltage control for fuel pump automatically reduces pump speed at idle or low speed conditions.
  • Available Fuel Command Center allows for returnless operation. Also eliminates need for remote mounted EFI fuel pump.
  • All FiTech Go EFI Systems carry a one year limited warranty to the original buyer.

Note: Not every FiTech EFI system contains all of the features listed above.  Power Adder units can handle up to 25 PSI of boost, wet nitrous systems, control up to 2 fans, and allow full laptop tune-ability for very high performance or racing applications.


Note: For any other FITECH product, send email with the FITECH part number to sales(a) for a quick price quote.