The FAST EZ-EFI kit is a throttle body system that is one of the easiest systems to install and program. No tuning experience or laptop is required. Setup Wizard guides you through the start-up process with a hand-held controller. Then the system fine tunes itself as you drive. The EZ-EFI throttle body bolts directly in place of most 4-bbl (4150 style) carburetors. It also includes Holley-style linkage. Billet fuel rails and integrated sensors are other features of this system. Everything required for installation including fuel lines and fittings are included in this kit.

Choose one of these FAST EZ-EFI Kits:

EZ-30226-KIT   EZ-EFI Base Kit (w/o Fuel Pump Kit) 

$1,681.95 detailsbutton

EZ-30227-KIT   EZ-EFI Master Kit w/inline Fuel Pump Kit) 

$2,037.95 detailsbutton

EZ-30447-KIT   EZ-EFI Master Kit w/in-tank Fuel Pump Kit) 

$2,188.95 detailsbutton

EZ-304155   EZ-EFI Dual Quad Upgrade Kit* 

$903.95 detailsbutton

EZ-30295-KIT   EZ-EFI Jeep** Master Kit w/inline Fuel Pump 

$1,573.95 detailsbutton

EZ-302000   EZ-EFI Multi-port Retrofit Kit 

$903.95 detailsbutton

EZ-302002L   GM Gen III/IV Engine Kit w/Inline Pump 

$1,799.95 detailsbutton

EZ-302002T   GM Gen III/IV Engine Kit w/In-tank Pump 

$1,933.95 detailsbutton

EZ-302002   GM Gen III/IV Engine Kit 

$1,385.95 detailsbutton

*Dual Quad Upgrade Kit must be used with one of these kits: EZ-30226, EZ-30227 or EZ-30447 Kits. This upgrade kit will support 1,000+ HP engines.

**Jeep EZ-EFI kits are engineered to work with the unique requirements of Jeep applications. Kit includes a special adapter which eliminates the need to change the intake manifold. This is the only truly easy, bolt-on EFI kit for Jeeps on the market.

Note: For any other FAST product, send email with the FAST part number to for a quick price quote.