Feature Comparison Chart For Throttle Body EFI Systems

EFI Throttle Body System Comparison Chart

Professional Products Powerjection EFI
Edelbrock E-Street EFI
 Holley Terminator EFI
Self Learning
 Yes Yes  Yes
Returnless Design
 Yes- Returnless version also offers full fuel control*
 Yes Optional  No
Handheld Controller
 Yes Yes  Yes
Laptop Required
 On some engines
 No No  No
Timing Control
 Yes Yes  Yes
 T.B. Mounted ECU
 Yes NoYes
2.5 BAR Map Sensor
 Yes No NoNo
Can be used with blow-thru super-charger or turbo
 Yes No NoNo
Required Connections
 7 16 8   9
Integrated Sensors
 No Yes   Yes
Maximum HP
 550 600525 Standard 620 w/optional kit
 500 Returnless 650 Return
1-10 Rating- Ease of Installation** 10 being easiest and 1 being hardest.
Cost of least expensive complete EFI System
 $1,749.95 $1,963.95$2,295.95
includes least costly fuel delivery kit
 $2,379.90 includes least costly fuel delivery kit

*The Professional Products Powerjection III is available with the FuelOnDemand Kit which not only provides for a returnless system but also allows complete programming of your fuel delivery system. More about Fuel On Demand

**Both the Powerjection III and the Atomic EFI have the ECU (computer) mounted on the throttle body. This eliminates the hassle of remote mounting the ECU, cutting a hole in the firewall, and routing a bulky harness to the engine. The Powerjection also eliminates the need for welding a bung to the exhaust system.

Note: The Edelbrock E-Street EFI and the Holley Terminator Systems are new and complete details are not available. This chart will be updated as additional info is forthcoming.